Clique is the encounter of two illusory distant backgrounds: furniture design and electronic/electric appliance. Clique trusts in Italian craft quality and in user friendly technology. Clique is a newconcept of contemporary living, it cares about objects’ tangible properties than intangible ones.

Clique reviews the best Italian tradition for the care of details and materials, looking at the new contemporary standards.
Clique is a mixture of different design identities and manufacturing situations spreads on Italian territory that brings to life a new international design brand. It opens a new window on the market, It merges analogic and digital practice, virtual and physical attitudes with the use of cnc machines and cutting-edge equipment.

The collection presented at the Milano Design Week 2014 consists of furniture and accessories made by marble, valchromat and solid wood.
Each product has an electric heart that reveals a complementary use of it, every objects is so linked to the brand-new daily gestures and to the most common devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Designers: Claudio Larcher, Filippo Protasoni and Simone Simonelli
Partner: Odone Marmi and Lilea Design

During Milan Design Week 2015 Clique presents its second collection, completing its catalogue with new living accessories that reveal a marked attention to construction details.
All projects feature a technological appliance thanks to the use of the most advanced robotic technologies, which overcome the traditional limits of Carrara marble production.

Designers: Claudio Larcher and Filippo Protasoni
Partner: T&D Robotics

During the Milano Design Week 2016, CLIQUE presents its third collection, made by Carrara and Palissandro marbles, realized with 3d robots.
This new collection expresses the dichotomy between ‘full and empty’ as concepts, through a double meaning.
The first aspect highlights the object functional nature: through an aesthetic point of view, the object as container is usually deprived by its natural content.
The second aspect narrates the object formal nature: the relationship between positive and negative is faced by pushing to the limit the marble processing, creating unusual perforated plot, emptied at the limit of the machine capability to create an unedited lightness.

Designers: Claudio Larcher and Filippo Protasoni
Partner: T&D Robotics