The circuit collection

Ego • Claudio Larcher

Claudio Larcher’s and Filippo Protasioni’s 2018 can be summed up in one word: reversal. Reversal of aesthetic conventions. _e duo – an architect and a designer, respectively – lays bare our deeply-engrained habit of masking, concealing and protecting things: every secret reveals itself before our eyes. What is revealed is the electronic components that enable the devices around us to function, which we can compare to internal organs: heart, brain, and liver are displayed on lytic structures that exalt their authentic, rough geometry typical of industrial functionality.

De-metro • Filippo Protasoni

Folio • Filippo Protasoni

Satellite • Claudio Larcher

Luna Park • Claudio Larcher

The debut at FutureDome, in occasion of the 2018 Design Week, is the opportunity to show the results that can be achieved with the robotic technologies developed by T&D Robotics S.r.l. and employed by Generelli S.A.
in Rivera (Switzerland) to produce these plain marble objects, standing in sharp contrast with the chromatic variety of the microcircuits and the microchips. The preciousness of the materials employed for the transistors, the coloured paints and the words and initials identifying the fruit of constant innovation: all these elements thereby acquire a new significance. _e bare electronic components cause a sense of surprise and, at the same time, of reverence: the same aesthetic
experience we have in front of a great master’s painting, which we would never dare to touch, or in front of a living organ displayed on the table of an operating room or on the top of a divination altar.